Hazardous Chemicals Management

Amgal possess the experience and the on-site capabilities required to pack or repack chemicals and dangerous substances in various manners, including tanks, IBC containers and small packages.

In addition, Amgal is equipped with the right logistics requirements for removal of any dangerous substance directly from the customer site. As part of the pro-bono services Amgal offers, developing consulting services on the proper treatment of dangerous substances on-site or off-site.


Waste Treatment Services

Amgal provides a diagnosis to determine the efficient handling of proper and cost-effective waste treatment, at a client’s site.

In addition, Amgal provides waste treatment solutions for customers at the Amgal’s site using an environmental certified system which neutralizes and settles substances, separates sludge from the waste waters and minimizes waste volume.

This is achieved by using an advanced MVR facility and specialized means of transportation for solid residue post-treatment, to a designated landfill facility.