Depotchem-Amgal Merge

We are pleased to inform about recent merger of Depotchem Ltd. and Amgal LTD. Both companies are sister companies at Chemovil Group.

Amgal specialized in development and production of chemical and biotechnological solutions for food and water treatment industry. During 35 years of activity the company has established R&D department, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, storage tank farms and wastewater treatment system.

Depotchem, one of the leading chemicals distributors in Israel, Serving 3000 customers with over then 2000 products.

We are confident that combining the world's leading manufacturers we represent, together with manufacturing and R&D capabilities, Engineers and Chemistry Technologists, as well as advanced logistics capabilities, will enable us to provide our customers the best solutions and the utmost services.

Currently, our main goal is to create large portfolio of raw materials to each market segment. With this merger we will reach wider market coverage with larger sales force coverage.

Hereunder the solutions offered to our customers:

Both companies will fulfill additional values to the merger and in accordance; the new company's name is: Depotchem-Amgal

The new entity will be managed by Mrs. Iris Feine, the current Managing Director of Amgal Ltd.

The business activities of the company, will be divided into three divisions:


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With Kind Regards,


Iris Feine,